The movie Italy could ban because it's TOO SCARY!

That would be the supernatural horror movie Paranormal Activity, which the Italian government is deciding whether to restrict.

That's because some Italian moviegoers have actually suffered panic attacks after watching the documentary-style movie, sparking protests by children's and consumer groups, the Reuters news service reports:

Emergency services in Naples were called in at the weekend by people complaining of palpitations and anxiety after watching the film, the nearly bloodless story of a young couple trying to capture video evidence of a supernatural presence in their home.

One 14-year-old girl was in such a state of shock that she had to be given oxygen outside the cinema, Corriere della Sera daily reported.

Who knew Italians were so lily-livered? The movie has been a hit in the United States and elsewhere.

So ... do you think Italy should ban the movie? Or at least restrict it to adults?

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