James McAvoy drops hints about a Wanted sequel

The 2008 action-fantasy film Wanted opened to $50 million and earned a total of $134 million, so it seemed a sequel was inevitable; now, the film's star, James McAvoy, says he heard from director Timur Bekmambetov as recently as New Year's Eve saying that a sequel could be gearing up shortly.

"I got a call from Timur just as the bell struck 12," McAvoy said in a group interview on Friday in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting The Last Station. "He said, 'I will call you in two weeks and maybe have something to tell you then.'"

The first film starred Angelina Jolie as a sexy assassin and Morgan Freeman as the leader of a centuries-old clan of assassins. McAvoy emerged as the breakout star, playing Wesley Gibson, the son of a world-class assassin. Starting out as an office grunt, he trains with the assassins to become a bullet-bending expert shot. (The movie was based on Mark Millar's comic series.)

The director gave McAvoy little indication where the second story would go. The actor knows only that his services may be required in the near future. "[Bekmambetov] basically said, 'Happy new year,'" McAvoy said. "I was like, 'Are you calling me about the film or for New Year?' So I don't know what's happening."

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