Star Trek Las Vegas props, sets being auctioned

When last we heard about the defunct Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, there were still plans to revive it at a different location.

Well, looks like those plans are out the window: Propworx is auctioning off all the props, sets and remnants from the Trek-themed ride and attraction this weekend in Las Vegas.

The sale, which takes place Saturday in Las Vegas, will include pieces from the Enterprise D replica bridge, costumes, model ships, Borg alcoves, etc.

Below is the official announcement. Bring cash.

Does this sale mean no more Star Trek: The Experience? CBS/Paramount, which owns the Trek franchise, sent a statement to with this explanation:

CBS Consumer Products remains committed to opening a new and exciting Star Trek attraction. We continue to work with our partners at Neonopolis regarding the development of a new Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. In the interim, there are elements from the original Star Trek: The Experience that we know will not be utilized in any new attraction and plan to make those items available to the many wonderful fans of Star Trek: The Experience either by sale or auction in the near future. The final dates and details of such sales are in progress and we hope to announce more very soon.

Oh .... kay. We'll keep our fingers crossed!


STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE Warehouse Sale -- Saturday, April 10 in Vegas!

April 10th -- Star Trek: The Experience Warehouse Sale
When: Saturday April 10th, 10 am - 3 pm
Where: 66 Spectrum Blvd. Las Vegas, NV
Terms: Cash or check NO CREDIT CARDS. Items are "as is" must be removed by 3 pm.
What: Warehouse sale to focus mostly on some of the larger items from STTE, including:
* Wall panels (bar, rides, history of tomorrow, etc)
* Quark's Bar furniture (tables, chairs, stools); a table and four chairs from Quark's Bar is only $ 195!
* Borg alcoves
* Pieces from Enterprise D replica bridges, transporter room, hallways
* Rows of seats from Klingon Encounter ride
* Starfleet costumes
* ...and more!
Here's what Alec has to say about this event:
Well, we are finally heading to Las Vegas to pick up the assets of Star Trek: The Experience from the warehouse. The items we ship back to the Propworx warehouse will be pretty cool and I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised by some of the great items we bring back (think Quark's Bar sign, very cool Captain's chairs, portable Quark's Bar sections, bridge items, etc.).

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