Disney World transforms monorails into Tron light cycles!

In a bit of cool cross-promotional synergy, Disney will paint its Disney World monorails with light cycles from its upcoming Tron Legacy movie, and you can check them out below.

Click on the images for larger versions of the repainted monorails, which feature snazzy versions of the new generation light cycles from the upcoming 3-D sequel to the classic 1982 sci-fi movie. (And check out the new trailer, which shows the light cycles in action!)



Disney Parks posted this description:

The transformed trains will be visible on the Epcot monorail line as early as this month. And if you look close, you'll notice that the design of the futuristic motorcycle-like vehicles from the upcoming film Tron: Legacy also includes walls of trailing colored light.

Will we see similar trains at Disneyland in Southern California?

Tron Legacy opens Dec. 17.

(Thanks to Collider.com for the heads-up.)

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