Doctor Who goes all cowboy in tantalizing season 6 trailer

Aliens love to invade the United Kingdom, and the Doctor has been fending them off since 1963 (give or take a few million years). But in the trailer for the next season of Doctor Who, we finally get to see him in action in the United States.

This trailer is a tantalizing stream of images for the next season and includes Nazis, the Oval Office, River Song and a Stetson hat. But it's the wide landscape—which Internet buzz tells us is Utah—that lets the fans know that we're in for a new and exciting season.

Of course we have to wait until spring 2011 to see the Doctor's American escapades. But until then, there's the trailer:

Although Doctor Who typically does not film outside of England and Wales, other locations have included Croatia, Dubai, Italy, Paris and Amsterdam. We Americans would welcome the Doctor more enthusiastically if we weren't suspicious that an alien invasion would soon follow.

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