Star Trek vs. Star Wars and 14 more genre feuds viewed as graphs

Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Freddy vs. Jason. Twilight Zone vs. Outer Limits. Why can't there be a way to settle these genre feuds once and for all? Well, what do you know? There is!

Google launched its Books Ngram Viewer—which compares the frequency of word usages on Google Books—a couple of days ago, and it seemed like the perfect way to figure out the winners in these sci-fi wars. So we pulled together graphs analyzing 15 famous face-offs below.

It's completely unscientific, of course. After all, it only weighs how often something's being written about, and not what's being said. Plus, when it comes to Starbuck vs. Apollo, people aren't only writing about them because of Battlestar Galactica. Same thing for a couple of other sci-fi words or phrases with multiple meanings. But that doesn't make the results any less fun.

Check out our findings below. Some of the winners should surprise you!

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