Totally NSFW sexy Kirk/Spock slash as read by Trek's Quinto

We all know about Star Trek slash, right? The fanfic that imagines erotic homoerotic relationships among various characters?

Well, we bet you've never heard slashfic like this: Narrated by the new Star Trek's very own Zachary Quinto, as edited from his audiobook narration of Alan Dean Foster's novelization of J.J. Abrams' movie, with accompanying images from said movie.

Who knew it was all right there? It's called SPORK! AN EROTIC LOVE STORY.

Here's a sample:

Spock moved toward the command chair. Kirk thrust out a hand to restrain the reaching fingers. "What are you doing?" As he met the Vulcan's gaze, one of the science officer's eyebrows rose prominently. He had chosen to cross a very dangerous line. "I thought you'd respond positively to such an offer," Spock explained calmly. Kirk goggled up at him, unsure how to react. Spock moved closer and placed his fingers against Kirk's face. Kirk was stunned.

Is it hot in here?

(Thanks to TrekMovie for the heads-up.)

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