Rumor control: Luke's mom dating Kirk's dad?

Given its source—the tabloid rag The Star, as related by New!—we think this report is so much Bantha poodoo, but it's still too good not to pass on: Luke Skywalker's mom, Natalie Portman, is supposedly dating James T. Kirk's dad, Aussie Star Trek star Chris Hemsworth.

Here's New!'s take on it:

Portman met Star Trek actor Chris Hemsworth after they were cast together in forthcoming movie Thor.

Shooting isn't scheduled to begin until January (10), but the pair is reportedly dating already.

Like we said, it's probably not true, but wouldn't their kids be cute and powerful and ready to take on the entire Empire? Not to mention bring balance to the two warring factions of fandom: Star Wars geeks and Trekkies.

We're just sayin'.

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