'Lost' episode of Fringe to air next month

The strangest show on TV just got stranger. Rumors had floated around that there was a missing Fringe episode that had been filmed in season one but had never aired. Well, those rumors are true, and you're going to get a chance to see that episode.

The most aptly titled episode ever, "Unearthed," has been dug up to air in Fox's timeslot battle with NBC (Fringe vs. Heroes) on Monday, Jan. 11, at 9 p.m. There's no explanation from Fox as to why the episode was never aired, although their theory is "Is it from an alternate universe?"

What we do know is that the character Charlie Francis (Kirk Acevedo) is in the episode, along with the other regulars. We're assuming that since Charlie is alive, this story must fit in with the season-one timeline due to the fact that Charlie's character was killed by a shapeshifter earlier this season. Of course, on Fringe you never know. It will be interesting to see if the episode has any bearing on the show's unfolding mythology.

In "Unearthed," a teenage girl is pronounced dead; however, when her mother takes her off of life support so that her organs can be donated, the girl wakes up screaming in alphanumeric code. Talk about a rude awakening! The girl can suddenly speak Russian and possesses classified information that only a high-ranking Russian soldier would know.

Meanwhile, Walter (John Noble) finds some old lab videos that may hold the clue to the mystery, while Olivia (Anna Torv) and Peter (Joshua Jackson) investigate the girl's shocking recovery.

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