Fringe to answer the question: Is Peter's mom too young?

As Fox's sci-fi series Fringe prepares to wrap up its second season, one of the enduring mysteries has been: What the heck happened to the wife of Walter Bishop (John Noble) and mother of Peter (Joshua Jackson)?

That question may soon be answered, according to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. (Minor spoiler ahead!)

He reports that the erstwhile Mrs. Bishop will appear in an episode early next year:

Irish actress Orla Brady—you may remember her as James Woods' ex on Shark—has nabbed the pivotal role of Walter's other half and mother to Peter, sources confirm to me exclusively.

The character—described in the initial casting breakdown as strong, smart, and likable—will debut in early '10.

Which raises a whole lot of other questions: Is this Peter's mother from the Other Side? Or from our reality? Will she appear in flashbacks or in real time? Where's she been?

And isn't she just a bit too hot and too young (Orla's 48, though it's unclear how old her character's supposed to be) for Walter (Noble's 61, though it's also unclear how old his character is)? After all, Jackson's 31 years old. If the characters are the same age as the actors, that means Ma Bishop would have been 17 and Walter 30 when she gave birth to Peter. Yikes!

Also, consider this: We recently saw Bishop with a former student, played by 52-year-old Theresa Russell, with whom he once shared a romantic fling. A student!

Of course, we may just see Ma Bishop in the past or something. You never know with this show.

What questions do you have? Fringe airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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