Bryan Singer's Battlestar movie allegedly under way

Has director Bryan Singer begun preproduction on his proposed new Battlestar Galactica movie?

That's the hint in a post on, which otherwise rehashes what we already know about the movie, which will have nothing to do with Syfy's re-imagined series from Ronald Moore and David Eick.

Singer is reportedly working with Glen Larson, the producer behind the original 1970s Battlestar series:

Now that pre-production has started, any rumors that Singer's next project was going to be "X" related (as in X-Men) has been put to rest, along with any shot he had of helming another Superman flick. There's been no word if Moore will be involved in the re-reboot, yet given the rumored "rocky" relationship between Larson and Moore, it seems unlikely.

Stay tuned for more ...

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