You can own Firefly's Serenity for just $2,495

The people over at Quantum Mechanix aren't kidding around. After three years of work they're getting ready to take pre-orders for the first replica of the Serenity from Firefly, amusingly called Serenity - The Big Damn Replica. At $2,495 apiece, maybe "the very expensive" replica would be more appropriate (hello, recession?), but we have to admit, it's kind of nice. Here's what you get:

Remember, each replica takes 46 hours to build and is made to order by professional model makers entirely in the U.S.A. It consists of more than 250 resin, aluminum, brass, ceramic and acrylic parts, 30 shades of paint and 32 lighting effects. The Big Damn Replica comes in an edition of just 1,000 ships and includes a wireless remote, stand and base with an individually numbered builder's plaque signed by Captain Tight Pants himself...

On Quantum's site they have a movie of the replica's "32 lighting effects, including static, flashing, strobe and chase lights," which are surprisingly cool. The wireless remote for activating the lights even comes with a dedicated "hard burn" button.

Again, the price is out of our range, but for those who can afford it, you can specify what "engine pose" you want for your Serenity, whether the shuttles are in flight or docked, and whether the reactor shutters are opened or closed. May we suggest Crazy Ivan, docked and open?

Oh, and technically this is a replica of the ship from the movie Serenity, not the show, although we consider it to be both. As you may recall, the ship got some cosmetic enhancements for the movie.

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