Vampire, Fringe get big boost from DVR ratings

We all know that the conventional ratings system fails to account for the changing ways in which fans watch TV—especially science fiction fans, who tend to be early adopters of new technology such as DVRs and other time-shifting tech.

This continues to be borne out by the numbers: Both The CW's Vampire Diaries and Fox's Fringe were among the shows that showed the largest ratings benefit from DVR viewing for the week ending Sept. 20, according to The Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed:

The numbers compare shows' "live-plus-same-day" ratings (which really should just be called "live-plus-same-night" for sake of clarity ...

The CW again this year is showing significant gains. Vampire Dairies (2.1 adults 18-49 rating) was the largest gainer of the week, rising 31%. Melrose Place (1.3) and Fox's Fringe (3.9) both rose 30%. ...

Not surprisingly, many of the shows benefiting the most from DVR ratings air on Thursdays, which has turned out to be the most competitive night of TV this season. I mean, who's given up DVR'ing The Office and 30 Rock because they can't record them and Supernatural and Fringe at the same time? Can I get a what what?

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