Is this the face of Fringe's new supervillain?

Fox's Fringe doesn't air tonight because of baseball, but to keep us warm, we got a bit of casting news and a tantalizing hint about an upcoming story point. (Spoilers ahead!)

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Sebastian Roche will join the cast as a recurring new villain.

The tantalizing bit: The paper says that he will play a soldier from another dimension and that he's stepping in for Thomas Kretschmann, who was originally cast as the character and was supposed to appear in the Oct. 8 episode, "Momentum Deferred," but wasn't able to return.

Here's the thing: Kretschmann wasn't listed in the credits for the episode. So are we to think he was the headless leader of the super-soldiers who was being activated at the very end of the episode? FWIW, the face of the head that was being attached did look an awful lot like Sebastian Roche.

New episodes of Fringe return in November.

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