65 of sci-fi's most amusing "one letter off&#34 movie titles

Over the weekend, the always entertaining "one letter off" movie title meme struck the Internet again, and instead of doing something useful, we watched thousands of amusingly altered film names scroll by our screens.

If you're not familiar with how it works, just take your favorite movie title and change one letter so it becomes something (hopefully) funny. For instance, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock becomes Star Trek III: The Search for Spork.

When you're done laughing at that one, take a look at 65 more we thought were funny enough to share. If you come up with a fun one, let us know. We also recommend checking out the Worth 1000 one letter off movie poster gallery or searching Twitter for #oneletteroff.

The Way the Earth Stood Still

A Robot

12 Honkeys

The Mommy

Sad Max

The Toys from Brazil

The Car People

Alien Notion

The Whining

Lawn of the Dead

Mortal Wombat



The Yeast from 20,000 Fathoms


Earth Versus the Frying Saucers

The Incredible Bulk

Nightmare on Elf Street


Minority Resort

The Mommy Returns


Clone in the Dark


Womb Raider



The Fantastic Tour


Where the Mild Things Are


Zombie Band

Invaders from Bars

Donovan's Drain

Invasion of the Jody Snatchers

The Glob

Captain ED

Gastro Boy

King Dong

Allen vs Predator

The Bitches of Eastwick

Batteries Now Included

The Dork Knight

The Lizard of Oz


Hairy Potter

The Curious Cane of Benjamin Button

Q for Vendetta

Iran Man

The Perminator

The Rime Machine


Tonal Recall


The Darn Crystal

The Umpire Strikes Back

Lake Flacid

Night of the Living Head

Logan's Bun

Tater World

Blasé Runner

The Lost Toys

The Hills Hate Eyes

The Mouse on Haunted Hill

Pig Trouble in Little China

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