Star Wars: In Concert tour to begin this fall

Star Wars: In Concert, a multi-media concert event featuring John Williams' music from all six Star Wars films played by a full symphony orchestra and chorus and accompanied by footage from the movies projected on a giant, high-definition screen will begin to tour this fall, according to Variety. Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO in the Star Wars series, will act as master of ceremonies and narrator for the event.

Veteran conductor and composer Dirk Brosse will be leading the orchestra. Steve Cohen, who has designed the lighting for the world tours of acts such as Brittney Spears, Billy Joel, The Cult and Usher will be creating the multi-media show.

In addition to the two-hour live and multi-media performance, Star Wars: In Concert will also feature a traveling exhibit of props, models, costumes and original artwork used to make the film series.

The tour kicks off October 1 in Anaheim, California, with dates following in Phoenix, LA, Sacramento and other cities.

For further information, see the tour's official website here.

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