No lightsabers yet, but this new toy allows you to use the Force, Luke

OK, admit it. Ever since you first saw Star Wars, you've practiced moving stuff with your mind, right?

Well, the New York Post says there's a new toy that will let you do that very thing.

Here's how the newspaper describes the new Star Wars-branded "Force Trainer."

A new toy that harnesses the same technology doctors use to monitor brain waves will arrive in stores in August. The toy moves when it senses a change in the user's brain-wave patterns.

"It's pretty cutting-edge," says, Frank Adler, executive vice president of Uncle Milton, the toy company that manufactures the Star Wars-branded Force Trainer. "It certainly appears to be where things are headed." ...

Scientists call the technology BCI, or Brain Computer Interface, and more sensitive, medical-grade versions are used to help amputees move artificial limbs and victims of paralysis communicate using a computer and software that reacts thought.

Acquiring the powers of the Force won't be cheap: The Force Trainer is expected to sell for about $120. Here's a video of the toy in action.

Now if they could only come up with a device that lets you control the weak-minded ...

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