Diesel says future Riddick films will go to Underverse and Furya

Vin Diesel, who revealed earlier this week that David Twohy was writing another Chronicles of Riddick film, offered more details on Friday and clarified that only part of the film would have a smaller scale, a la the predecessor film Pitch Black. Diesel told a conference call last week that the film would open with Riddick struggling to survive alone against carnivorous monsters.

"There is a scaled-down portion of this that goes back to the Pitch Black style of telling the story," Diesel said in a group interview in Hollywood, where he was promoting Fast & Furious. "It's hot."

Diesel added that his plan is still to have four Riddick films in total. The third would only be part two of what he always envisioned as a trilogy to follow Pitch Black.

"Well, you remember when I had talked about Riddick, I talked about Riddick as being the Fellowship in the Tolkien [Lord of the Rings] series. So I was using Pitch Black as Hobbit, as the independent story that introduces you to the world of Middle-earth, and then taking The Chronicles of Riddick and treating it as a trilogy that goes from the story that you saw to the Underverse and ultimately to Furya in the third film."

Twohy's current script is not quite set to complete the Furya journey, so there is still one more film planned.

"Yeah, absolutely," Diesel said. "That's exactly what I'm saying. So if you think of Pitch Black as an introduction to the world—if you think of Lord of the Rings, and I'm just using it as a parallel—you're thinking of Lord of the Rings, there are three books, a trilogy. You would think of The Chronicles of Riddick as the first in that trilogy, and there will be two more to follow."

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