Invite Darth Vader over for target practice—as the target!

Tired of blasting away at the bland, stereotypical burglars printed on those paper targets when it's time to practice your shooting? Then take aim at Darth Vader, Megatron, and seven other of sci-fi's most deserving villains.

Artist Olly Moss has come up with the perfect cure for when things start to get boring out at the firing range.

The young UK designer, who blew our minds a while back with his design for a spoiler T-shirt (see above), invites you to lock and load and "Shoot the Baddies" over at his Flickr page.

Personally, I plan to take aim at those damned zombies—they've been giving me nightmares for years.

We have no idea whether these outlines are commercially available yet as full-sized targets—but they should be!

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